yellow & pink

Hi! I know I posted photos of this vase not very long ago (see here if you want) but with these new flowers it all just seemed so different. I love this colour combination, love it. This may be overshare, but I have a weird thing where sometimes I get so inspired by colours I want to eat them. Not eat the thing, eat the colour. Hard to explain. When I put these pink flowers in this yellow vase, next to the green bowl, this happened! If you are laughing at me, I will stop sharing things with you, but actually I think you are nice enough for me to share that.

I seem to put up a lot of photos from this little corner. If you remember, not so long ago I hauled this set of drawers out of the garage (see the before pics here) and gave it a really quick revamp to fill an empty space. It has turned out to be the most perfect piece of furniture and I think that's why I end up taking so many photos here. I even posted from here when I was having a bad day and the lemons had gone mouldy. I had no impulse to eat the lemons, that is for sure. But I am no longer in a mouldy lemon mood. I am in a pink daisy mood, and I hope maybe if you are in a lemon mood these photos might bring you a little sunshine.


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Lisa said...

Hi Helena, your photos are beautiful as usual ^_^ I gave you a blog award today! http://teaandcraft.blogspot.com/2011/12/id-like-to-thank-academy.html