freo (2)

Here's some more photos from the day in Freo.

Have a great weekend!


freo (1)

I had a really nice day last week (just before Australia Day, hence all the flags) in Fremantle, wandering around, feeling like a tourist. We had lunch in the park, put our feet in the ocean, walked a lot and got sunburnt, then found the oasis that is the MANY6160 store for a nice iced coffee. I like how Fremantle changes slowly - some things are new, but it has such a distinct character it somehow always seems the same. Like Perth, it has some really derelict and underutilised pockets, even in the centre, which is a shame - but there's more than enough to see and do to make up for that. Because I don't go to Freo often, I always enjoy it and feel like I have had a tiny, tiny holiday!


ceramic glazes

Glazing is a bit of a gamble it seems, I found it quite hard to make things turn out consistent, or how I imagined them. But when it does work out well it can look really good. I liked these - they were fired in the gas kiln which is even more unpredictable than the electric, but I like how the glaze effects resemble a mysterious galaxy... a surreal landscape. One day I'd like to learn more about how glazes are made, and get better at getting the effects I want.

Have a good weekend!