black drawers: before and after

Last weekend I finished renovating these drawers and moved them into my kitchen. I picked them up off the side of the road about 5 years ago but didn't have a need for them, so they sat in my garage being a very good home for spiders. Whenever I thought about doing them up I was a bit put off by the fact they seemed to have been painted with enamel, making it a bit of a tougher job to strip and sand than acrylic. After rearranging some furniture I had a gap which I wanted a sideboard in, but I couldn't find anything suitable... so I decided it was time to attack these drawers.

I didn't want to spend too much time or money, so all I did in the end was (after fumigating) give them a really thorough clean and scrub, attached the cheapest knobs I could find, spray painted the drawers with chalkboard paint and lined them with paper. Total cost was about $30.

I thought I might use the chalkboard paint to write on what is in the drawers, or draw on some patterns or something, but so far I haven't and think maybe just regular matte paint might have been fine. But really I'm pretty pleased with them for a cheap solution. Thank you side of the road bulk rubbish collection days, for again providing me with free vintage furniture!

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mumsie said...

That looks great!