thinking about 2011, a blog award, and thank you

Hi! How nice is it to have a little break from work and things? I'm not having a proper break I guess, as I still have photo things to do, but you know, its nice not to have work-work hanging around. One of the "jobs" I wanted to do over this break was to make a photo book of all my favourite pictures from 2011. Well... this turned out to be an enormous job. Going through all my photos I could NOT believe how many awesome things, people and places I got to photograph in 2011! I was aiming for about 100, but my first cut has 364 photos in it.

While I was doing this, I decided I'd filter out my favourites of my favourites, and do a little retrospective for you. So for the next few days I'm going to share some of the highlights, colour by colour (narrowed down to five of each colour). They're not necessarily the "best", just a collection of great moments. Some you have already seen, but some not.

Now... while I was writing this up I flicked over to my google reader to find Lisa from Tea and Craft has nominated me for a Liebster Blog blogging award! For realz! Thanks Lisa, that is so awesome. The award requires me to nominate 5 other bloggers, but I'm going to have to have a little think about that and post again later.

Also, this is a last reminder you can buy my calendar via Red Bubble here (online only now as the order for Perth peeps has been placed).

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has participated in my photography this year - be that by modelling for me, reading this blog, sending me nice emails, finding work for me, joining me on adventures, buying my stuff, letting me dress you in costumes, and generally for allowing little moments in your life to become great memories in mine. I am very honoured. Here's to 2012!


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