I raced around town today trying to take photos (for work) that represented the challenges facing metropolitan governance in Perth. Yeh, that's easy. It's for a website, I'll share the link when its done. These are some that won't make it to the web. It was hard trying to get photos that didn't contain identifiable people (because then you need a model release) or identifiable landmarks that would link the images to a specific local government. I just had to capture "urban". When I stopped in the middle of William St to take the photo of the 'slow' sign having a rest, the workmen looked at me like I was either mad, or committing a Federal offence. I ran away. It's nifty when I get to do fun things at work.


Lisa said...

These photos are great! I particularly like the second one, to me that is very urban as I use the train station every day ... except it's normally a lot more crowded when I'm there ~_^ I like your new banner too!

Helena said...

hi, thanks Lisa. I got some good photos of traffic jams :-)
If you come to outskirts on Sun, drop by and say hi!

Mumsie said...

Photos in work hours, great.