Sooo... the new 'cactus' sculpture... hmmmm. Pretty much everyone I have spoken to has expressed some degree of horror about the strange green thing that has sprouted at the end of Forrest Chase. Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi, has been forced to defend it (see a news story here) and its $1m cost to rate payers. As a sculpture, I don't care for it either way. It looks like a piece of playground equipment, so its hard to truly dislike it. But I do think it's wrong for the location. It's out of place with its surrounds. It's jarring to the eye and looks like it landed from outer space. It's just weird, and not in an interesting way, just in an awkward, unpleasant, restless way. Seeing it makes me quite uncomfortable.

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Mumsie said...

Couldn't agree more, Perhaps on the beach front or somewhere more brash it would have looked better....there again perhaps not. Hurry up and fade.