The Colour H turns two!

Hey, I bet you did not know that today my blog turns two. Yep, go back to this post - 20 September 2009 - and have a look. To summarise my career as briefly as I possibly can, I studied photography when I left school, worked for a while taking photos but found the income too unreliable, travelled, went back to uni, got a government job and a stable income, got bored, started a blog, got a different (and way better) government job, started taking photos again, went part time. Now I have a good mix. This photo is of me when I did a job for the State Theatre a few months ago.

When I started the blog I wasn't sure where it would lead. All I knew was it seemed a shame that my photos were all cooped up on my computer, I wanted people to see them. That's still the case, it's all about the sharing. The difference is now I take photos with my blog in mind. I drag my camera everywhere. Even to work.

On an unrelated topic, I have to give props to my mum who made a comment on this post about my upcoming stall, noting how great The Colour H is - but who signed it anonymously. When questioned in an email if it was her, she said it she did not want to sign it from mum "in case someone important saw it". I like that you think important people are looking at my blog, even though they are clearly not. And if they were, I think its ok if your mum is the only person who leaves a comment. So please, sign as mum in future!

Oh yeh, I changed the header again. If you are viewing from a reader go to the blog and have a look.


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Mumsie said...

Happy Birthday...great work....Love from Mumsie