white & black

Well our old office is all packed up, and we are off to the city next week! It was a very chaotic last few days with stuff piling up everywhere, packing to be done, as well as regular work. Since I was describing how I was coping with the heights in this post, I had one last visit to the new building, which went well. It was my best visit yet. I am still nervous about it, but not stressed. I think that is a good place to be.

The other kind of huge thing that is happening next week, is that I am going part time. That means more time to take photos of buildings, instead of sitting in them. I deliberately chose next week to start this new phase, so I'd have something to look forward to as well as dread. And boy, am I looking forward to it.

Full time work has brought me loads of great things - experiences, friendships, and a steady income. But I feel like a chicken in a coop, when I've always been more free range. Next week means the start of a new phase I guess, re-introducing the aspects of being free range that I enjoyed, without quitting altogether. So I am very pleased.

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