pink & orange

Here's a few snaps of xmas so far: 1) failed xmas decoration after I pulled it all apart and gave up, but you can see the colours are nice, and 2) presents all wrapped finally and artfully arranged for the photo so that no-one can see their name tag. Ha! Colour theme this year was supposed to be yellow, but that was a total failure. No yellow decorations to be bought anywhere. Gold yes, yellow no. Took several trips off the island to the outer borroughs of Perth where the big shops are, but just could not find what I wanted. So tried to make my own, as I was saying the other day. But it really didn't go that well. Its still "pending".

In other news I fell over this morning. I don't mean like tripped, I mean fully stacked it on the concrete at my house and kind of hurt myself. It was very odd - falling over is something that little kids and old people do, not grown ups. I have a lovely egg shaped bruise developing on my leg, a sore arse and a sore wrist. I am not sure what kind of falling it took to result in that combo of injuries, it was certainly spectacular. I was amazed nothing snapped or broke. The worst part was when I realized nothing was broken or really really hurting I just had to go to work. No pat on the back, no hugs, no band-aid or lollies. Just got in the car and carried on. It sucked!

Hope your week has been better!



mumsie said...

Oh poor baby, come to mumsie for a hug!

Pip Pip Hooray said...

I love your colourful wrap! I'm gonna try that for the next years. looks so happy and fun!

Pip Pip Hooray said...

If it makes you feel any better.. I had a major adult stack a few months back... and my partner was there and he just laughed cause I literally rolled! And I actually fell on a rusty garden tool with blood going every which way! Not fun! Yes adults do stack and it's so embaressing isn't it.
I'll give you a virtual hug if that makes you feel any better :)

Helena said...

Thanks Pip! I was trying for yellows, but in the end orange, pink and green all worked out very well. "Adult stack" is a very good way to put it. Thanks for the hug!