white & brown

A little while ago I took some photos for the lovely folk at William Topp, and they have just made a facebook album of them (see here). If you still have some xmas shopping to do you should wander down and have a look at their lovely things... robots and squirrels and owls and... jewelry and prints and mobiles.... and... all sorts of things. Here is their info.

My own xmas decorating not progressing so well. Tiny light globe on a string fail. Lead to angry hack up the decoration with scissors outburst. Resulted in total evaporation of xmas spirit and a small pile of tinsel and baubles that, while very pretty, does not in any way resemble a decoration. To be resumed at a later date.


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mumsie said...

Oh Dear! That's why your unimaginative mother digs the same old tree out of the box each year. Persevere, I know the end result will be awesome.