grey & red

I love this! The City of Perth has commissioned artists Bonsai and TwoOne to do a mural on what was a horrendously plain grey wall. Grand Lane - whoever knew it existed? Probably was once a nice laneway, then this massive piece of concrete arrived and ruined it, so it wasn't so much a laneway as just the space next to Woolworths. Now they are making it interesting again, and its awesome. If you want to go look it comes off the Murray St mall, but there was a little barricade up and you had to walk around on to Barrack Street. Go nearly to the end (towards the train station) and turn in before that shop that sells like cowboy stuff - you know like hats and boots and belts and things. There's some info about the project from the City of Perth website here and from the artists' blog here. I also put a few extras on flickr.

First official day of holidays. Was caught off guard by a rainy day, the tail end of some storms up north. Unusual for this time of year, but very refreshing. Excited about my holiday priorities - taking photos, posting photos, reading books, eating pizza shapes. Have set myself a few challenges, like using flickr more as I said the other day but also cooking from recipes which I hardly ever get round to doing. I want to make gnocchi from scratch. Will keep you posted.



Pip Pip Hooray said...

bloody fabulous wall!! Wish it was near me :) Those owls are just incredible!! thanks for the share.

Helena said...

I know, its awesome! really hard to convey in a picture how big it is.