year of the sheep

Apparently the year of the sheep (or goat) is going to be more chilled out than last year, the year of the horse. It's going to be calmer and more nurturing than last year, which kind of bolted away from us and made crazy stuff happen. These photos were taken at the Chinese New Year fair last week in Northbridge. Here's a greeting I found when googling the year of the goat:

Wishing you a goat year, in life goat eyebrows and snorting, in business goat self-satisfying, in career goat pass wide road, and may worries goat be always far away. This goat year make a goat fortune, everyday a cheerful goat!

So there you go. Happy goat eyebrows to you this year!


Lisa said...

That looks like such fun! I wish you wonderful goat eyebrows for the year to come as well ~___^

Helena said...

Thanks Lisa!!