fringe world 2013 (2)

I am enjoying the pink theme that I've noticed around this year. And yes, some of those photos are taken on a roof top which if you know me, or have been reading here for a while, you'll think is surprising because I am scared of heights. I'd always avoided going to the roof top movies but when I was rostered on to go there for Fringe World I though I would give it a try... and it wasn't too bad! Some lovely friends came and repeatedly said "you'll be fine", which helped.

Unfortunately, getting better at coping with your phobias is one of those things that only happens if you actually do the thing that scares you, which is a horrible thing to have to do. But the good news is it can work. You might not suddenly wake up and not be afraid at all of clowns or small spaces or whatever it is, but you can kind of teach yourself how not to have a nervous breakdown when confronted by them. And I just realized after I typed out those examples, if you are afraid of heights and clowns and small spaces then you should not go to a rooftop circus accessible by an elevator because that would be way too much to handle. Baby steps people. Baby steps.

In talking about my fear of heights with people over the years I've also learned that people are afraid of some really weird things, and no-one's phobias ever make sense to anyone else. So it's a waste of time being embarrassed about having a phobia because everyone has something weird lurking in their brain space, way weirder than you can imagine. If you have a phobia - hang in there, you'll be fine, eventually. And that is the end of my advice for the day.

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Lisa said...

I love this collection of your photos! I especially love the flamingos and the giant fluffy skirt ^_^

Your advice on phobias is good too. I'm terrified of cockroaches! Like, run away screaming terrified. I have now progressed to the stage were I can kill them if I'm alone in the house though. I used to just have to hide from it and then wait until someone came home. Ha ha! >_<