the tip shop

I'm not sure if I should even share this secret... but... do you know about tip shops? They are totes the new op shops. I went for the first time to the one in Balcatta. I was overwhelmed. Piles and piles of stuff! Insanely cheap!

I've been op shopping for possibly 15-20 years now... but had really given up in the last few years. The "vintage" market has become so huge that there is nothing left to buy in op shops! I guess a combination of the vintage shoppers getting there first, and maybe that people don't even donate stuff any more because they know they can sell it on Ebay... So it was like a step back in time to go to the tip shop, where you don't so much "donate" things as chuck them out, and let someone else discover them - the way op shops used to be. 

There was a ridiculous array of stuff. Outdoor, indoor, broken, in good condition. Sporting. Furniture. Books. Anything you can imagine. Some of it was actual garbage but, again, that's kinda how op shops are.

I scored two chairs, a table, two ceramic vases, an enamel pot, and a piece of metal grate that will be used as art on the Perpendicular Pumpkin's shed for $10. Yes, $10, you read that correctly. Like days of old. So you can understand my reservation about letting a top secret like this out. But in the spirit of sharing... enjoy!

P.S. I am pretty sure Barry Morgan would have a fit to see that organ, complete with a one finger method setting, at the tip. Sadly I don't have room for an organ at home. Unless Barry came with it, to give me lessons.

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Lisa said...

Ooooo, it's glorious! The tip shop is definitely on my list of places to visit now! ^_^