green & red

A few more from the garden. Things have gone to seed and are looking a bit tired. These are not the herbs in the herb garden I mentioned in the last post. These are remnants in pots, and tins, lettuce, mint etc. that I have growing on a table. I posted about the rainbow spinach ages ago, and it's still going strong, although it's not really a rainbow any more, its mostly just green. Still very handy for cooking, just not as pretty for photos.

On a separate note, Blogger is being a pain in the arse. It's done something to my html template that I don't know how to fix, which has disappeared some of the borders of each photo, and automatically posts things to the left so I have to move them to the centre and then that seems to jumble the html worse. Right now, it's telling me my html cannot be accepted, and also that "arse" is not a word. Do I mean are, arose, arise? Nope. I mean arse. More importantly it has not showing all the comments. So sorry if you have submitted a comment and it has gone astray. If I don't say it enough (in fact maybe I never have) I do appreciate folks dropping by to look at pictures of my garden and other lame stuff, and leaving me a comment now and again!

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Lisa said...

I love the picture of the mint in the tomato can ... it's so cute and homey ^_^