green, yellow & pink

Kids on Kordial: are awesome.

I can't tell you how happy this made me. After a very Monday Monday at work yesterday I stopped here to take photos of the window and two lovely people beckoned me in to look at their awesome stuff. And it was awesome.

Walking away I thought, if those photos work out I could put them on my blog, but how will I tell people how to find it, it's just in that vacant shop that always has exhibitions but I don't know what it's called, so I could just say it's in that shop on William St, nearly at Newcastle Street, the one that doesn't have a name...? Then I looked at the photos for a while and der, there's a website address in the window. Kurb Gallery it's called if you can't read it in the photo. So look it up. Go there while this exhibition is on and look at their stuff.


green & brown

Art! Art has sprouted across the Cultural Centre as we prepare to be CHOGMized this weekend. I quite like these. Just don't sit on them apparently.

stacey & james (3)

And this one was voted most cutest on facebook. Its my favourite too.

stacey and james (2)

stacey & james (1)

As promised in the last post, here's some photos of Stacey and James who got engaged, well, a while ago now. How cute are they? They're getting hitched in April and I hope they have an ace day!


coming soon!


This is my friend Graham, he used to work at the railway workshops that I was talking about in the last post. You may know him as the provider of vegetables from Perdendicular Pumpkin.

brown & grey

Somehow I managed to go to Midland two weeks in a row. The previous pictures are here. I've said it before at some point, but the Midland Railway Workshops is one of my favourite places in Perth. The buildings are so beautiful, and it has a really interesting history. According to the Midland Redevelopment Authority website, the workshops are "alive with change, progress, and creative energy powering a bold development". So it won't look like this for long.


museum of natural history & academy of taxidermy (part 2)

As noted in the last post, here are some other finds from the Museum of Natural History. Eyeballs. The claws of an unspecified creature. Look, I know it's weird. Let's just move on shall we?

museum of natural history & academy of taxidermy (part 1)

If you have found yourself sleeping too well at night lately, and you'd like something really disturbing to do, but that small kids will really enjoy, you could go and see the Museum of Natural History, which is also the Academy of Taxidermy. Its in Guildford. I have quite a few photos, so for no real reason I've split the post into two: a) stuffed animals, and b) other weird shit.

The dog in the last photo was just inside the door and I thought it was one of those shop dogs, just having a rest. So I started talking to it. Then, as I slowly realised what type of place I'd walked into, I realised it was definitely not having a rest.

The, er, objects, inside the museum are... well... eclectic. Pieces of taxidermy, plastic dinosaurs, sharks, skeletons, a cupboard full of dead birds in bags. No particular historical or geographical theme. No accompanying information. It was definitely interesting, and anyone under the age of eleven will think it is fantastic.