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I actually took these about two weeks ago, but since I had already posted quite a few in a row from Midland/Guildford I thought I'd save these in case you all got the impression I'd moved out there or something.

For those of you not from Perth, the Guildford Hotel burned down about two years ago but unfortunately did not burn down enough to justify its demolition, and it has sat there, with nothing happening except a half-arsed "sock protest" (it stinks, get it?) sprouting out the front.

Security is tight, as you can tell. There are pigeons on patrol. I kind of suspect leaving it open to the public like this is an attempt to hasten its demise, to encourage bourbon drinking Midland teenagers to come along and set fire to it again. Oh no, some stoned locals fell through the floorboards, it's a safety hazard, it must be demolished.

I will admit I ignored the glare of an orange safety cone to get these photos, but I told my friend who I was with at the time that I am doing it for the State of Western Australia - I am ignoring that orange cone so the people of our fair State can have a record of this embarrassing scene. A burnt out hotel that hasn't been touched in two years, and with signs out the front that say "redevelopment project: bringing beauty back to life". That's redevelopment, Midland style.

It wasn't a particularly outstanding hotel to start with, now it's a festering eyesore. The history of the place (read it here) contains such highlights as Henry E. Manning "wrote in early 1886, requesting two culverts be placed over the drain on the east side of the hotel" so you can't exactly argue it is worth keeping. I don't know the reasons why it hasn't been demolished, or refurbished, but the longer they leave it as it is, the closer to demolished it gets. Not a great loss to the State I suppose, but I suspect it would be nice for the other people who have businesses on that street to be able to get on with things without all those daft socks around.

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graham said...

Whoa! Sorry I disagree with, well, nearly everything you say. Surely it's one of the few iconic buildings in the metro area outside Freo or Perth. And your photos kind of contradict your words. If it can be restored it deserves to be restored. But if it can't someone needs to make a decision and send in the dosers.