outskirts passport

See look, that's me on page 30. When they sent me this I was a bit nervous, like now I can't pull out and pretend I never had anything to do with it. I'm printed in the program, I better show up. I've never had a stall before and have seriously NO idea what it will be like! It looks like there are a zillion interesting things to do and see (you can download a passport/program from their website here) and you can collect free pins from certain shops. I think it will be a good day... I'm half super excited, and half really nervous. What if I have forgotten to organise some incredibly vital thing? What if I don't sell anything at all? What if it pours with rain??? Just trying to keep calm, and keep it simple... but that's not really in my nature. It comes more naturally for me to worry and make things complicated. Oh well. Its all going ahead, so I just have to roll with it!

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