pink & grey

A sneak peek from a shoot of some beautiful people... but you'll have to stay tuned to see more soon!

I did a two day photoshop course last week. It was pretty full on, but very good. I don't even have photoshop on my computer, one of those things I have yet to get round to doing. So none of the photos you've seen here to date have been photoshopped. Not one. I do edit them for colour and contrast etc., but that's all. Maybe I crop some of them.

I'm really excited about getting photoshop and getting into it, so excited about all the things you can do, but am nervous too at how much time its going to start taking up - meaning that I expect that I will become even more finicky (I didn't say obsessive) about choosing and editing photos. Take this photo for example. Now I have a better understanding of photoshop I am thinking: what is that thing on the ground behind her skirt? I want it gone, damn it, gone! When before I would have thought that is a nice photo, now I am going to be driving myself to make perfect photos. Oh dear. That's what I mean by time consuming.

I have no interest in faking photos, like taking one bit from one and adding it to another, but I concede there may come a time when I start doing this. I like taking photos to capture what is there, that moment, that scene - not manufacturing a piece of graphic art by assembling different elements that look good together. But that's just my taste, my style, not saying one type of image is better than another.

Right now I can't wait to get hold of it and get going, to take out stray leaves and play with colours. It'll be like a new toy!


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