Today was the first day of Week Two in the new building in town (if you're not sure what I'm on about go here). I didn't write anything about Week One because I was a) exhausted b) over it and c) completely out of words. But I survived. That's all I can say.

This week got off to a much calmer start. There was far less chaos, for me in terms of being somewhere new etc., but I think for everyone in terms of unpacking, finding things and generally getting on with it. I found that today for the first time I was functioning instead of just surviving.

There are things I like about it for sure, and I do like the building, but I am not ok with it all yet. I don't like going there yet. But I'm impressed - I've still not found myself even close to crying in a corner, so I couldn't really ask for more. I'm just hanging in there.

These views are from the west end. I don't like this end of the building much - narrow walkways right next to the glass, three storey open atriums - but I am gradually making my way around the place. I like the views. No, I love the views. I love seeing Perth from a different angle. It's all new to me, this heights thing. I'm trying to seek out the positives... and I like buildings. So staring at, and taking photos of, the buildings is working for me.

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