pink & red

Hello there! Yes, I am back after an unscheduled "holiday" from here. In a nutshell: my modem broke, and I was temporarily thrown back into the pre-webs dark ages. I've read on other people's blogs when they've said their computer or modem is broken or whatever, and I've sincerely thought well that's all a bit boring, but actually it just happens sometimes and there's not much you can do about it! The irony of not having the internet or a phone (I only have internet phone, no landline) is of course that you need the internet and a phone to remedy the problem. After some time wrestling with various providers and trying to uncode their, I think, unnecessarily complex plans on offer, I have a new provider, new modem, all plugged in, and all working very well. Phew!

The strange plus side of not having the internet was the urge to do a painting, which I have not done in a while. Getting my new camera last year seemed to take over all my other creative pursuits. These photos are of it in progress, when done it will not have any white bits so it won't look like some kind of space invader pattern or skin disease. I am planning on putting orange-y shades of pinks and reds in the blank bits. I'll show you when its done.

In the mean time I have some catching up to do of recent pics over the next little while. I haven't been shooting anything that exciting lately, but I might be able to dig something up...........


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