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I came across a new phrase at work today, in reference to building design: Wayfinding Consultant. It would seem a Wayfinding Consultant is someone who specialises in making signs telling people how to get places. Is it just me, or does that sound kind of... silly? I can understand the role of a graphic designer in making the signs easy to read. And I can understand having someone with a degree of common sense on your project team having a bit of a think about where is the best place to put the signs to make them relevant and useful. I can even understand the whole team going on a bit of a site visit to have a natter and a think about where the signs should go and what they should say. But that a new profession, Wayfinding, has been created for this purpose cracks me up. I nearly laughed out loud, which is way uncool in a meeting. Maybe its all normal, and I am just behind the times. Who knows!

Photos: fancy shop corner of King and Hay Streets (Prada? something like that) and the juice shop around the corner from it.

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Anonymous said...

ah so that is where I went wrong, I didn't consult with a wayfinder!