white & brown

That's me in the middle there, the non gender specific blob person on the left with a hammer and a cross through them, who is very unhappy because they are attempting to build a piece of Ikea furniture alone, and did not invite another gender neutral blob person with a pencil behind their ear over to help. Probably about five times I got so fed up I just lay on the floor next to the wretched thing, contemplating giving up and calling someone not just with a pencil behind their ear but with the patience and drive required to see these things to the end. But perhaps out of spite towards the unhappy blob person in the picture, and with some kind of fierce determination saying yes I can do things by myself you know (said to no-one in particular) I powered on and finished the damn thing. Not cheating. Not ending up with spare pieces or wobbly bits. Properly finished. And very proud of it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you too.... well done!