red, green & yellow

My mum came back from a holiday in Malaysia last week, and brought me all this cool stuff from a chinatown somewhere. I especially like the big red tray. Also last week I spray painted some metal bowls I got from the op shop. Definitely easy for a quick, bright effect. Its been cloudy and raining a little bit for a few days, which is... weird... but its great that its not so hot and I can keep the windows open and the blinds up. Oddly, it feels like spring, because everything feels fresh and bright and colourful, but technically its autumn... weird!


Linda Pochinda said...

well it is spring. so hopefully it seems like it (:

love the stuff you got! lucky lucky!

Helena said...

but its autumn!

I am in Australia, its autumn here. It was confusing that I said it felt like spring... never mind!

I did well with the presents. Thank you mum.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like them......my bulbs think it is spring, they have sprung. Mumsie