purple & orange

I don't know why but purple has never ranked amongst my favourite colours. It has always made me kind of uncomfortable. I feel like its a fake colour, not a real colour, a creepy colour. Weird. No other colour makes me feel that way. Most other colours make me happy. Even a really good off-white can evoke a nice emotion. Purple - nothing. I did have a purple cardigan once that I really liked. It came from Sussans and I got it when I was about 13. I really liked it. But that is my only strong fond memory of anything purple. Oh, I did go through a stage of being into crystals (also when I was a teenager) and I really liked amethyst, so I guess that counts too.

Top photo is the old wall at Ezra Pound, its been painted over now. Bottom photo is a wall I came across in Bayswater. I like the combination of all the colours together in these two walls.


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