yellow, black & grey

Went into town today to do a bit of shopping. Didn't really get what I needed... but I did take 170 photos. Oops. Really disappointed to see the Grand Lane mural has been vandalized (see my last post about it here). Someone has taken something sharp and run it the whole way down, through the key parts, like the owls' faces. You can see it a bit in the top photo. Won't put other pics up because its too depressing.

I guess that's just part of the deal when you put art out where people can touch it, as opposed to keeping it in a gallery behind a rope. Not everyone is going to like it. Some people are going to express their dislike by vandalizing it. Or perhaps it wasn't even that well thought through, just a random act of dumbness. Whatever. Not much you can do about it. Would rather have murals than grey concrete walls, and over time they are going to fade, flake, get damaged, and eventually get replaced, its just part of it. Kind of a shame this one only lasted intact for a matter of weeks.


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