yellow & blue

Urthboy and Elgusto at the Northbridge Piazza as part of the Northbridge Festival. Nearly got trampled by stinky 16 year old boys to get these shots. Later, during Miami Horror, one of them climbed up the metal thing with the plants growing on it and kept the two policemen assigned to the gig busy watching him, waiting for him to climb down. With all the others warning him about the cops, he nicked off down an alley way when he came down. Still, I'd like to see the video he shot while he was sitting up there. I was kind of thinking "what a dickhead" but at the same time wondering if I might have done the same thing at his age. Probably not at a gig with loads of people around and police etc, but maybe on a whim I might have, you never know...!

Have put a lot more of Urthboy on flickr. Have a look here. Miami Horror didn't interest me as much, just not my thing but they were definitely popular.


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