brown & grey

I'd seen this wall in a magazine or on a website or somewhere, but only just found it last week. Its on Roe St, behind Red Stripe Clothing. Must have been behind a gate or something cos I've been there before, but not seen it... Love it.

Lots of fun things on in Perth this weekend with both the Northbridge Festival and Awesome Festival on. I want to go to the luminarium in Forrest Place. There has to be heaps of photo opportunities there, how can there not be?

Have a great weekend... its going to be like a thousand degrees... summer is on!



mum said...

That luminarium looks great, lets go

Helena said...

The luminarium was sold out. Tix were free but they were only issuing so many per hour, and the next session was 5 hours away... all a bit too hard. Shame, looked great.