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In moderately exciting news, The Colour H now has a flickr photostream. Its here if you want to bookmark it for later, but there's not a lot on there at the moment. To get started and just see what it was like I uploaded some photos of these old scrapbooks, so that's all that is there at the moment. I made them into a set (see it here) so I could move them around and figure out how flickr works, but they aren't terribly precious and I will probably delete them one day, once there's something else up there.

I made these scrapbooks when I lived in London in the year 2000. I lived in a tiny, seriously tiny, bedsit and I loved buying magazines but had no room to keep them. Also, when I decided to come home all the magazines I had kept had to get the chop, because they weren't worth dragging back.

The scrapbooks are full of anything that took my fancy - art, architecture, furniture, fashion, interiors, gardens. Lots of houses. I was living in what was essentially a 3rd floor caravan, and I had all these visions of the house I wanted if I had a million dollars. Or pounds really at the time. Not even a million, I just wanted furniture, and a choice of rooms. Curtains of my choosing. Pictures on the wall. Crockery.

Anyway, what I am trying to decide with flickr is whether to upload lots of pictures I have already taken or just to keep it for pictures from now on...? I had intended to upload a bit of a backlog, but sometimes I get tired of seeing pictures I've taken that have hung around for a while and I don't want them cluttering up my nice new clean flickr space...

Stay tuned... I will let you know when there is some more up there!


[update 7/11 - I have deleted the scrapbook set and photos, so the link to the set won't work anymore. The link to my account will still work.]

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