If you know me, you'll know I get lots of clothes and shoes at Target. Yeh, I'm that classy. But check these out for Target shoes - how cute are these? I liked them so much I bought the same ones in black, with red flowers.

I had the day off work today, which has been v. relaxing. I did a bit of shopping, and noticed the calendar shops are set up in the shopping centres... that means its nearly christmas. I bought a roll of christmas wrapping paper last week, and was kind of embarrassed because its only October. But I liked it. It was in pink, yellow, orange - very bright. I didn't want to not buy it then wish that I had. While it did cross my mind, I stopped short of looking for christmas presents today, that did seem just a bit too soon.

Hope your week is going well!


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mum said...

I think this must be genetic