orange & purple

Here's some street art shenanigans that were happening as part of the Northbridge Festival. Aside from the free gigs in the Piazza, this was the most interesting thing I saw for the festival. It was attached to a sea container filled with shredded paper that I didn't really understand, just reminded me of work really. The shredded paper, not the sea container. I didn't go in, but perhaps was scintillating and fascinating for those who did...?

According to the Northbridge Festival website, the art wall was done by the William St Art Collective. I would have liked to go back later and see how it turned out but it was a strange day, sort of raining but not, and there was really nothing else to look at, even with the Awesome Festival also on. Couldn't go to the luminarium because it was sold out. The cup rock, as noted earlier, was ad hoc. The markets were non-existent, looked pretty much like one stall with some crystals on a card table. Maybe it was just bad timing? I very much support the City of Perth in its efforts for festivals and things, but overall was somewhat mystified by this one. Would be interested to hear if anyone else had a different experience.


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