blue & brown

"Sir Suds", the disused dryer in the Beaufort St laundromat. Or is he a washer? Part of the Beaufort St festival on Sat. It was a good event. Aside from the yarn bombing. Seriously, seen one bit of ratty string hanging from a tree, seen them all. I'm all for making stuff, but I just find yarn bombing so... messy. So unorganised and disorderly. Too many colours next to each other that don't belong. It makes me nervous. Sorry crafty peeps, its nothing personal.

I did like the pom-pom hammock thing outside the Flying Scotsman, that was cute. And the letter box with ears. And the googly eyed monster on the bus stop. People were wandering off down the street with bits of knitted things they'd souvenired, that was kind of amusing too. OK... maybe I don't dislike it as much as I thought... but I don't like it enough to put a photo up!


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