pink, orange & yellow

Things are pretty colourful around my place, as you've no doubt guessed. Here's a few scenes from the spare room, as I was cleaning it out yesterday: a box of bracelets and bits, a set of folders (from some very organized point in my life), some new linen, and a bag in the shape of a radio that I bought in New York next to a lamp that was my mum's in the 70s (or 60s even?).

I used to carry my cd walkman, my discman, and a folder with 20 or so cds in that radio bag when I was travelling - carrying around a cd player and 20 cds! Can you believe it? Hilarious! You can't see it in the photo but it has all these little plastic dials, volume etc. So I'd have the cd player in the bag, with the headphones coming out, and I'd walk around carrying that little bag with the antenna on top, playing music out of it. As well as all the other junk I'd be carrying - cameras, backpack etc. I must have looked pretty funny.


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