a pin cushion, with little chinese people clinging to the edge.
so i had a busy week and i let my google reader get a bit overgrown... had a nice time this morning catching up on everything but was quite amazed to come across not one, not two, but three blogs that i read categorizing their photos by colour!
on wednesday pip from meet me at mikes posted about green here then red here.
on tuesday the satorialist posted a series of pictures about hot pink (but i can't seem to make it link to just the story).
and on monday abby from abby try again posted a story about blue here.
nothing brings my mind serentity more than seeing things sorted out by colour, and it is the reasoning behind this entire blog. by the same token, seeing colours that don't belong together, or just seeing too many colours at once, makes my brain somewhat unsettled.
most stuff in my house is clustered by colour, the wardrobe, the linen cupboard etc. it started with the book cases - i saw a photo in a magazine about 6 years ago of a woman's bookcases that had all the books organized by the colour of their spines and it suddenly became a mission for me. once i had done that it made so much sense to me i somehow kept going with other things!
so... weird to see 3 other bloggers sorting by colour in one week... what does it mean??

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