ceramic pieces made on the wheel

As promised, here's some photos of the ceramic pieces I made on the wheel in the term just gone. I did ceramics last year too, but just hand building, not the wheel. I did have a go on the wheel, but it was really hard! And I was having way too much fun making things by hand to stop, slow down and practise. This year though, I wanted to have a proper go at it. 

I was really nervous when I started that I would be awful at it. Like I expected everyone to be awful at it first, but I was afraid everyone else would pick it up and I wouldn't, that I would be the only person in the class not going anywhere. Weird old fear I guess. While it was pretty hard to get the hang of it, I figured out soon enough that it wasn't impossible. And actually it was fun. It's a really short course, so there isn't time to really practise and get right into it, but it was enough time to get a little bit better! I really liked what I made in the end. It was very satisfying to learn something new, something that had frustrated me before.

Last year I did a million experiments with glazes too, but this term I kept it really simple and only used glazes I knew would work, and tried to make a few of the pieces match each other. So I really liked what I brought home. There's so much more to learn, so far to go... and it's a tricky hobby to have because you need a kiln and glazes etc, it's not something you can easily do at home on your own. But I am really hooked on it. I miss it now that term has ended!



Lisa said...

They all look fantastic Helena! I really love those deep green glazes in the third last photo especially ^____^

Helena said...

Thanks Lisa!