some finished ceramic pieces

If you missed it, I wrote about learning ceramics here. I haven't made anything since the end of last year (class ended in December) but since then I have made homes for the things I made over the six months I was taking classes - planted things in them, found uses for them, made some little displays... so here's a few photos. I made lots of little things rather than fewer big things, so my house is now pretty full of tiny things like these. I gave a few away over Xmas too. 

It was a really fun course and I am going to try again this year, but this time I am going to try to learn the wheel. That will slow down my production of things I am sure. The wheel is really hard and the times I tried I was not very good.... so who knows why I want to try again.... I think because I like a challenge and won't be able to rest until I have worked out at least the basics. I don't think I'll be able to make anything fancy. I love gardening, so am hoping to make some larger pot plants. If anything works out, I will post a photo of it!



Lisa said...

All of your things are so lovely!! You are very talented ^___^

Helena said...

Thanks Lisa! It was a really fun course - you should try it, I bet you would be good at it!