Catch up 2013: pink & black quilt

This is a quilt I finished this year. This one was made from a stash of op-shop finds, and some new fabric from Spotlight. I have made a few over the years (previous ones can be seen here and here) and I think each one has got better. I am a bit of a random quilter, I tend to start out with an idea and just see what happens. And I am not super careful with the measuring and those things, but they seem to come together in the end, somehow.

One thing for amateur quilters like myself to remember is to use fabrics that are similar and try not to be too ambitious. If you use fabrics that are not similar, they bunch and gather and don't line up properly. And if you try to make something that is too big, it becomes unwieldy - you have to rearrange all your furniture just to put the thing together, and it gets so heavy it's a real chore. I also made a baby sized quilt this year (photos shortly). That was really easy because it was so small, very manageable. If you want to start quilting, start small and be careful when you choose the fabric it is a plain cotton, don't accidentally by something sateen-y or stretchy, that's my advice!


Kate said...

Love it, perfect fabrics.

Lisa said...

Wow! Helena, this is so beautiful! I love the geometric stitching on the dot fabric especially! ^____^