perth arena (1)

It's nice to be pleasantly surprised, I think. And I have to say that is what I was about the Perth Arena. I went along to see inside it for the first time as part of Open House Perth and, having not thought much of the design when it was on paper, I actually really liked this building. 

Having been immensely sceptical at first, as it took shape I grew to like the way it sits in the landscape and how when you see it from the freeway, or Roe Street it seems to be just the right size and scale. And I liked when I got up close how it reflects the sky and the scenery around it. Inside it feels distinctly futuristic - I overheard one little kid say "it's like a building from 2020!" - and while that kind of jumbled my mind a little bit and freaked me out, it was in a good way. 

If you haven't heard about it, the "Pineapple" sculpture out the front alters its shape by moving its little triangle-flaps, which I found to be both disturbing and exciting. Maybe I don't get out enough. I just felt like when I stood near it , some kind of robot was trying to talk to me or communicate, or at the least that it was watching me. And that is a good thing to feel from a sculpture, right? Rather than just walking on by? Anyway, thumbs up to the Arena, and thumbs up to the Open House crew, it was a really great event.



Lisa said...

Great photos! I love the weird pineapple sculpture ^_^

Kerrie said...

love the guy and his bike suspended in mid-air!