The Colour H turns three!

It's pretty weird to realize it, but this blog has been going for THREE whole years as of today! I feel like a LOT has happened in those three years. Seriously, some things happened. I've just written two things in capital letters, so you can tell it is significant to me.

When I started this, my main mission was just to share my photos. It seemed a waste to have them all cooped up on my computer. I did not realize how it would shape me, shape my life. But it has.

I don't see myself as a blogger in the same way people who make their living from their blog are. I see myself more as a collector or an archivist. This is a space where things are recorded, kept for later. I have never followed all the instructions about how to get more people to see your blog, I think because I find them all a bit fake-friendly, and the consequence of that is this space has stayed quite obscure. And actually... I kind of like that. Being hidden, just doing what I do.

Now, as you know, I have launched The Colour H facebook page and that is quite a different experience. For starters I have only put up photos taken on my phone so far. It is SO much quicker and easier than blogging. Although I am in the habit of carrying my camera most places, I carry my phone everywhere, which means I never miss anything. And again, although I am used to people staring at me when I take out my camera and stop in the middle of the footpath to take a photo of a puddle, I attract far fewer stares when I do that on my phone. And I am quite enjoying that. But I have also found I am sharing my photos to a much wider audience than before which is a little confronting, but also fun.

I want to keep going with the blog, definitely, but I haven't sorted out in my head what to put on here vs what to put on the facebook page. As always, it will continue to be a work in progress. Thank you for visiting here and a special thanks to the people who have commented over the years and shown support. I really appreciate it!



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Kerrie said...

A bit belated, Happy 3rd Birthday! You work is aweseome, and though I haven't visited in awhile, when I do I love seeing where you have been wandering with your camera.