The Colour H: now on facebook

Hi! I am a little sick with nerves to announce I've just started a facebook page. I'm not sure what makes me so nervous, since I've been yakking on here for nearly 3 years now, what's so different about yakking on facebook? I think it's the idea of counting up all those 'likes'. Or the lack of them. Or just the idea of sharing anything beyond the relatively obscure and quite safe space of a blog that not many people read. Anyway, I will promote it a bit more soon, via whatever means I can come up with, but for you guys who read this I am giving you the first chance to see it, like it, critique it... and I shall flog it a bit further afield once there is something actually on it. So, here it is, go ahead and be the first to like it!


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Lisa said...

Cool! ^_^ I "like" it!