Are these the first signs of spring? I hope so! This winter has been... not good. Too cold! But I do note the weather forecast has us pencilled in for the tropical delights of 23 degrees this week. Can't wait!

The first real sign of spring for me is when it gets lighter in the evenings. Like when you get home from work, and do some stuff, and - hey, it's still light! Or when you've been home all day and it starts to get dark and you think it might be about 6pm, but - hey, it's 7pm! I enjoy watching the gradual change and in fact it's one of the reasons (amongst others) I voted against daylight saving. I found for those 3 years of the trial that clock turn-over day was too harsh for my system, too much of a jolt, and it confused me. But this is definitely the best part of the year, when the little signs of spring start to peep out... until one day it's fully here.



Vicky said...

I noticed it was lighter this morning when I left for work, but still cold :)

Lisa said...

It was both dark and cold when I got up this morning ... I can't wait for warmer weather! Your photos are lovely, as always ^_^