the tip shop (again!)

The tip shop: it's where stuff comes from.

I've been to the tip shop four times now, since my first visit which was not quite two months ago. I have been looking for some specific things for projects around the house, but to be honest I also quite enjoy the exciting possibility of finding other stuff while I am there.

I've noticed the 'stock' in some sections turns over really quickly, meaning there is always new stuff to rummage through, which increases the feeling you might stumble on a gem. Also, I've decided Sunday is the best day to go. Saturday is too busy, and the time I went on a week day was a bit weird - it seemed to be full of people who hang out there, the prices of everything seemed to go up, and there was only one staff person on which made it difficult to get items priced and pay for them. But Sunday is a good mix.

I've been buying bits and pieces for a furniture project I have been thinking of, and last weekend I got a book case for $5. Unfortunately I don't have room in my house for any new, big furniture, but I am always seeing beautiful things there I would like to take home. If you are in the market for second hand furniture, you have to go there. Or if you need building supplies, garden stuff.... golf clubs... pretty much anything you can think of... you will find it!

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