Hi there! This is the first post in a little while, I know. I've just finished a rather large project at work which ended up taking up a lot of my time and brain space. My skillz are in demand from many directions. But its done now, so normal programming should resume here.

As well as being busy I've been a bit blahhed out by this winter. How bl**dy cold is it in Perth? The days are sunny and lovely, but the super cold nights are driving me a bit nuts. Part of the problem is I bought an insufficient heater. It works well when its only a little bit cold, but not so well when its very cold. I don't want to go out and buy another one, that seems like a waste, so I've been sitting there all rugged up in many layers, being cold, and that reminds me of when I was poor (at uni) and I had to wear a beanie inside or whatever, which is not nice. I've been trying to decide if I can stick it out, or if I need to just admit failure and go buy another heater. I'm still unsure.

Anyway, thank you to my friend K who was the first to comment along the lines of "hello, where have you been?" and make me actually get around to getting online and actually post something! I've not been taking a lot of pictures lately because my mind has just been elsewhere, but there is a little backlog to put up which I will endeavour to do over the next few days.


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