city colour

I was excited today because it stopped raining. I wanted to go somewhere to take photos so I went in to town. I think lots of other people had the same idea! Last week I'd wandered over to have a look at how the  old buildings at the base of the Death Star (actual name, Brookman Place or something?) are looking now they have been turned into restaurants etc. They look great. The whole area looks really good. I think they are calling it City Square? All these pics are from that area, except for the stunned mannequins from Alannah Hill. I'm very excited to see those buildings being used, and to see The Hole filled in - even though the actual building is universally accepted as awful. It's a really nice precinct and should be very busy in summer. I can't wait to go to some of the bars there. More photos from there to follow soon. Enjoy your week!


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Lisa said...

I love those colourful cups and the cute outfits on the (kinda scary looking) mannequins.

P.S. I think the building should be called the Death Star for always! ^_^