stacey & james: the wedding!

Here they are, the happy couple, married - yay!

What a fun day. I took quite a lot of photos - I was not "working" (i.e. was not their photographer) but since I take photos everywhere, I figured this should be no exception, and the location they chose was so pretty. Perfect weather and light. Stacey looked awesome in her dress, so beautiful (James, you looked nice too) and it was a very nice, relaxing afternoon and evening. Lots of fun.

I do get asked to do weddings, but I don't say yes. Maybe one day I will. I used to them when I was younger and found them to be very long, stressful, exhausting, anxious days. Attending weddings when you are not working and have no responsibility is totally different - that I find to be a lot of fun!

You should enjoy your work, right? Even if you could make a lot of money doing something, what is the point if you really dislike it and it causes you grief? Some people do enjoy photographing weddings, so I am more than happy to leave it to them. I have so much respect for them, for the days and days of work that go into it, before and after the wedding, and the day itself. But it's not for me. Not at the moment.

Anyway, more importantly: huge congratulations to the delightful couple and well done for organising such a great day!


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