Hi! Just a quick note to say I am still here, just really busy.

I.O.U. some photos, ok?

I copped some full on stares when I wore these bright orange tights the other day. Geez, they are just tights! I copped double strength stares when I stopped to take a photo of my bright orange tights next to the painted footpath in the Cultural Centre (bottom photo). They look more red in the photo than orange. I have a collection I am waiting to try out - yellow, pink, blue. Yay for it being cold enough to wear them!

More photos soon. I will not play words with friends or watch Mad Men on DVD all weekend. I will not. I will edit photos and upload them for your enjoyment and delight. Stay tuned.


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Vicky said...

You are lucky, i think the weather forecast is for a sunny weekend, but that wont stop me from catching an episode or three of Mad Men LOL