hot rods to hell (1)

Howdy. These photos were actually taken a few weekends ago, at the Hot Rods to Hell thing at Devilles. I wandered round the whole time just going: whoah, shiny, nice... shiny, and consequently came away with more photos than I knew what to do with. But I am used to that I guess. It's a long weekend here, so I finally have time to sort through some photos. I actually have a fairly random backlog of things, so I think I will just chuck them up, no particular order, over the next few days. I have been busy at work, hence not a lot of posting. And my dog was sick for a little while - she is ok, but it does zap your energy to be interested in anything else when that happens doesn't it? She is back to her normal nutcase self now, sitting next to me on the floor, no doubt wishing I would turn the computer off and come outside.

This is only somewhat related, but I was remembering this morning how when I first got the internet at home, in about 2002, it was dial up and it would take forever, but was still awesome because it was still faster than say, driving to the library. Ten years later my internet it faster, yet somehow being on it annoys me more, and some days I struggle to be interested in anything it has to offer. It's also like I want it to be even faster still. I want photos to just automatically ping themselves up instead of me having to bother to select, upload, post etc. It is all so ridiculously easy and fast compared to old ways of distributing photos, but my 2012 brain wants it to be even easier and faster. Crazy. I am planning to start a Colour H facebook page, but the main reason I haven't done it yet is because it's just more time on the internet! I need to muster some enthusiasm for the awesomeness that is the webs, but am seriously struggling at the moment.

Hope if you got a long weekend that you are having/had a lovely time!


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