Hello. Happy New Year since it's my first post of the year. Just realized its already mid-January! Yikes. You may have seen these caravans around, pretty nifty idea for a box office (check out the Fringe World program here). I have always wanted a caravan, always. Since I had a Barbie campervan I reckon. I love the idea of a mobile home... I loved that I could pack up all of Barbie's stuff and go places... say to the living room. And I like the idea of doing that in the grown up world (but maybe going a bit further). It hit me with a bolt when I was discussing caravans with a friend, that I should get one. There is no reason why not. I am a grown up. I can buy things. I have room to put one.

And so I put it to the universe that in 2012 I shall acquire a caravan. I make this statement on the basis of having NO idea how much a caravan costs, hence I specify I will "acquire" a caravan, not necessarily buy one. Someone may give me one? I am usually good at finding things cheap, if not for free, so I think this should apply to caravans also.

And then I will have a caravan and I will paint it in cute colours, and make curtains, and fill it will plastic plates, and then maybe take it somewhere where I will have a picnic. Want to come?

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Lisa said...

When I saw this awesome caravan, I hoped it might appear on here ^_^

I don't know anything about caravans either, but I wish you good luck on acquiring one!

(Also, isn't finding things for free the best? ^_^)