australia day 2012

Small moments can make the best memories. Things about Australia Day I'll remember are:
Walking to my friend's house for drinks in the afternoon, in a heatwave, thinking "I'm pretty sure this is what it must feel like to walk on the SUN".
A thunderstorm breaking, seemingly from nowhere. People standing in the rain just to cool off.
A few hours later running home in between the showers, but with lightning still crackling overhead.
Reaching the top of a hill and realizing I can see the fireworks. Feeling excited and nostalgic by the sight of them, fumbling in my bag to get my camera out, trying to change the settings in the dark. Thinking the photo didn't look like much and not trying much harder, putting my camera away so it didn't get wet.
Saying hello to a group of people standing on the footpath. Them offering me a towel to keep dry. Watching the last 2 minutes of the skyshow together, oohing and ahhing, feeling sorry for all the people trapped on the foreshore with a several hour journey of traffic chaos til they got home, and us watching it from our doorstep. Tears forming in my eyes.
Everyone saying "let's do this again next year, and remember to bring radios!".
Getting home thinking, ah, Perth is a nice place to live (aside from the heatwave bit). Downloading the photo and deciding I really like it, even though it's noisy and a bit blurry. Feeling nostalgic for fireworks, neighbours, and other things that are good.

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graham said...

Certainly my favorite Australia Day too. Being one of those people standing in the rain having a beer with friends. And watching my sister along with people from 20 different countries becoming Australians.