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Stripey straws... Never really bothered using straws until I got these. They're fun. Clearly I am easily amused.

One time, when I was a teenager I went to the movies at the Lumiere, remember that place? I would guess I was seeing something like Heathers, Delicatessen, City of Lost Children, something around that era. I bought a drink and I asked the guy who served me if I could have a straw. He looked at me like I'd kicked a bunny and proceeded to tell me how bad they were for the environment. I was too young and shy to tell him he was being a knob, and I was so embarrassed I didn't even want a straw anymore even though I think he reluctantly produced one. It had such an impact, I still remember it vividly.

That is the sum total of my thoughts on straws.

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mumsie said...

Showing your Blog to Rosie O'R. She thinks it is fanfookintastic. I love Graham's bottle finds!